A selection of works in random order.


Boxes and Bowls 61cm x 76cm


Flying Fish 76cm x 61cm


Raindrops 76cm x 76cm SOLD


Juju Stone 76cm x 76cm


Cantando per la Pioggia 76cm x 76cm     SOLD


A Magnolia 76cm x 76cm


The Music Room 101cm x 91cm SOLD

From the Garden 51cm x 51cm


Pushing up the Sky to Reveal the First Dawn 91cm x 122cm


Flying Solo 51cm x 102cm      SOLD


Blue Cloth 61cm x 76cm


Once Upon a Time 86cm x 71cm SOLD

Cherryplums 50cm x 76cm


Urban Reflection 51cm x 51cm


Pumpkin Time 76cm x 66cm


All works are acrylic on canvas unless otherwise stated


Thank you for viewing my work.